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Introducing Maragold Bridal!

When I was 13 years old, my sister went away to college. I immediately begged my parents to switch the Seventeen magazine subscription to Brides. Naturally, they said no, but I've been hooked ever since! Sixteen years later, I am so proud and excited to introduce Maragold Bridal.

Why Maragold Bridal?

As soon as a bride gets engaged, if not beforehand, she starts thinking about what she wants to look like on her wedding day and what she wants her entire day to look like. But where to start? Many brides are not sure where to shop or what style to shop for, not only for themselves but for their groom, bridesmaids, and moms! Add in having to manage everyone else's ideas and opinions, and a bride can be completely lost. With Maragold Bridal, I work to help brides find their voice and articulate what they want to look and feel like on their wedding day, how to best flatter diverse members of their wedding party, and even how to find a more modest gown in the sea of strapless necklines and plunging backs. Through my process, I guide brides in determining how and where to shop for gowns and accessories. I love nothing more than the moment when a bride finds the dress that makes her feel like her best self for her big day.

Maragold Bridal brings together my experience and expertise in both design and bridal consulting. My clients tell me I am a warm and a good listener. I work to hear what a bride isn't necessarily hearing herself say and can then help her navigate her way through the thousands of designer and dress choices available. Because of my design experience, I have a sharp eye for cut and quality. For modest brides, I can design the perfect custom cover-up or build-up to make any gown as modest as she needs.

For me, success is not just a beautiful bride, but a process that is personal, joyful, and stress-free. I can't wait to work with you!

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